The year was 2004 when a new ROTARY Club was formed in Magnolia. The motto of Rotary is: Service Above Self. In living out that motto, one of the founding members had a vision to have our Community of Magnolia be a safer place to survive a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). This was the birth of the Magnolia Heart Safe Project. To increase the survival rate of SCA, the plan to place Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's) in vital locations in the community was born.


The membership of the Rotary Club of Magnolia and it's Board endorsed the vision of a 11 Heart Safe Communityll . An informational booth was established at the Magnolia Farmers' Market for purposes of raising the awareness ofthe need to have AED's placed in our community. The initial goals was to raise $25,000 to purchase twelve Automatic External Defibrilators and train at least 60 people in their use. The initial funds came from a couple of dedicated Club members and were then matched by a matching grant of $5,000 from District 5030 of Rotary. A generous contribution of $10,000 was made by the Advisory Council of The Magnolia Community Center. A total of over $23,000 was eventual raised to fund the IIHeart Safe projectll.


The next major task was to determine and then obtain permission to install the AED's in vital locations through out the community. A committee was formed and twelve locations were established. At each location the owner/operators agreed to accept the devices and provided a list of their people to be trained. The Seattle Fire Department provided the training and certified each trained person as a IIHeartsaver AEDII. To date over 70 people in our community have been cerified.


June 2007 a non-profit foundation was formed in the name of: The Magnolia Heart Safe Foundation. Ownership and management of the devices were turned over to this foundation. The MHSF was formed to carry on the vision to create and maintain a community that is Heart Safe. The commission of the MHSF is to care for the existing AED's, and to add other devices to Magnolia and other communities, such as Ballard and Queen Anne. The Magnolia Heart Safe Foundation has a 503c ruling from the IRS.

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