Public Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

  Magnolia Locations:

Ace Hardware – 2420 32nd Ave W
(West wall front of the store, right of the window behind the register)

Bartell Drugs – 222 32nd Ave W
(East wall back of the store, left side of Pharmacy area)

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, Pier 90-91
- 2001 W. Garfield Street
(Main passenger terminal – employee office first floor.)

Discovery Park Indian Cultural Center – Day Break Star Center, NW Corner Discovery Park
(lower level meeting area, East wall at front corner of hallway to the right of kitchen)

Discover Park Visitors Center – 3801 W Government Way, In Discovery Park near the East Gate
(on North wall, left of front door, turn right as you enter)

Elliot Bay Marina Harbormaster Office– 2601 W. Marina Place –
(Center of the lower level, Main Building, below Palisades. The Office’s East wall, behind counter )

Interbay QFC – 1600 W. Dravus St.
(East wall, left of Pharmacy, above drinking fountain)

Interbay Golf Center    2502  15th Ave West
(behind the check in counter, east wall by office)

Madison Carnolia Cleaners – 3412 W. McGraw St.
(East wall of lobby area behind third register)

Magnolia Community Center – 2550 34th Ave W
(East wall behind the desk, lobby area near the main door)

Metropolitan Market, Magnolia - 3830 34th Ave W
(in Office)

Our Lady of Fatima School – 3301 W. Dravus St.
(West wall of the first aid room located within the main school office)

People’s Bank - 3300 W. McGraw St., Suite 102,
(East wall near conference room, toward the back NW corner of the bank)

Other available Magnolia Area AEDs

Harbor Master's Office, Fisherman Terminal – 3919 18th Ave W., Building C-15
(Location inside the Harbor Master's Office, Port of Seattle, Northeast corner of Building C-15)

Lawton Elementary School4000 27th Ave W.
(On wall across from Main Office)

Catherine Blaine K-8 School – 2550 34th Ave West
(Main office)

The MHSF Board of Directors would like to publicly thank Robert Gaston of the Rotary Club of Magnolia, for spearheading the Heart Safe Project for Rotary Club of Magnolia. His vision and untiring efforts in chairing this project, raise funds, determine placement and setting up initial training has enabled us to have these first ten AED Units placed in the our Community. The MHSF Board is now tasked with the oversight of these Units, continuation AED training, inspection and when required maintenance of the Units; as well as the procurement of additional AED Units for the Magnolia Community. We would also like to thank Rotary Club of Magnolia, Rotary District 5030, the Magnolia Community Club as well as many individual contributors to this project.

Donations to the AED Projects may be made to
Magnolia Heart Safe Foundation (MHSF), 3213 W. Wheeler St, PMB104, Seattle, WA 98199