Values and Visions:

Individual focus: The emergency cardio well being of every individual member in the Magnolia Community is of equal concern.

Respect and compassion: The public service function of MHSF cardio support is designed and developed around preparation, education and execution by caring neighbors to support others in times of heart specific critical need.

Teamwork and partnership: The MHSF works with caring volunteer merchants and organizations in Magnolia to enhance responses to emergency heart events or issues. These unselfish neighbors contribute significant time and effort to allow Magnolia to seek to achieve a status as “The” Heart Safe Community in all of the City of Seattle and the State of Washington.

Ongoing updates: Regularly scheduled visits to: install equipment and teach its use to new location staff personnel, service and evaluate existing equipment sites and review applications skills of trained location staffs. A report of findings by location will provide the board of directors with needed timely data.

Leadership: The MHSF leadership is headed by a board of directors. All necessary legal guidelines and filings for all entities – city, county, state, federal – have been met and satisfied. Records and status updates are available as necessary upon request.

Goals: To always show heartfelt appreciation for the unique place that the Magnolia Community truly is in today’s world! To seek excellence in providing support services to the Heart Safe Health Needs of all of our Magnolia neighborhood with the potential to share our defined model with other Washington communities through direct or co-operative efforts.